Google Pixel 4a

The next Google Pixel be 4th and not 5G

Google Pixel 4a

Google, as it did last year, is very close to launching a new device, more oriented to the mid-range than to the high-end but that maintains some of the best features of the high-end Google Pixel, giving added value to the device.

Recently we told you what was known about Google Pixel 4a and its two companions, and now we are going to tell you what have been the latest leaks in relation to this terminal, which will be the next presentation of Google and that It will not have 5G connectivity.

The latest leaks on the Google Pixel 4a

Last year Google inaugurated its family of mid-range terminals with the Google Pixel 3a, a device that surprised me a lot by having the same photographic section as the Google Pixel 3, and that it sold a lot thanks to this and the software that it integrates.

Well, the Google Pixel 4a, whose code name is Sunfish, will be presented within a few weeks and that will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, and that also will not have 5G connectivity, since this will be reserved for the company's top models. After all, manufacturers can still afford not to introduce this connectivity into some devices.

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And this has been confirmed thanks to XDA Developers, who have managed to decipher a part of the code, which has allowed them to make these inquiries. Now, we will wait to confirm these statements, and the truth is that the wait is going to be long, since we want to see what Google has prepared us for such a special presentation how is it, that serve as an appetizer to the presentation of your Google Pixel 5 in the second half of the year.