The new Tor browser for Android helps you have maximum privacy

The new Tor browser for Android helps you have maximum privacy

We are used to our data being almost property of companies or governments that can track us through the network. The Tor project aims to make our data anonymous, and launches a new web browser for Android.

Tor, the project that wants to improve our identity

For a few years, Tor is a network that aims to protect our private data. It is a decentralized network that acts as intermediaries between us and the website we want to visit, preventing it from monitoring our activity. The objective? Prevent governments or large companies from using our navigation data without our consent.

It is not the first application of the Tor project on Android, not even its first browser, but the most advanced. It is based on Firefox, and stands out, according to its creators, for the following points.

  • Trackers lock.
  • It prevents anyone from knowing what web pages we are visiting.
  • It prevents anyone from accessing the information of our browser or device.
  • Encrypted in three layers, which in turn passes through thousands of intermediate points of the Tor community.
  • We can visit websites that are blocked in our country or by our operator.

Tor Browser is a web browser that does not work alone, but requires that we install Orbot. Orbot is simply the Android application that allows us to connect to the Tor network, so if we want to use the browser we will have to install this application in addition.

Both Tor Browser and Orbot are completely free applications, without advertising or micropayments. Tor is a project that works thanks to contributions from the community and donations from users and some companies.

Without a doubt, it is a browser that we recommend, especially to be able to see contents that are prohibited in our country in the most anonymous and safe way possible, but also for those who care about privacy.