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Secret discovered: YouTube earned $ 15 billion in advertising in 2019

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YouTube logo on the webNew york, USA – August 18, 2017: Youtube video service on laptop screen close-up. Youtube service menu

The multinational Alpabhet has released for the first time how much he earns Youtube by concept of advertising: 15,000 million dollars a year, according to official figures released by Google’s parent company.

These are Alphabet's results for the fourth quarter of 2019, in which it is observed that those corresponding to the video service are approximately 10 percent of the company's total revenues.

According to the data of the last quarter of last year, YouTube entered about 5,000 million dollars in advertising revenue, to total 15,000 million dollars, while in 2018, the figure was 11,200 million, representing an increase greater than 35 percent.

YouTube data

So far, YouTube Music together with YouTube Premium has more than 20 million paid subscribers, according to the data provided by Alphabet's own CEO to Variety magazine, which pay about 10 dollars / euros per month depending on the location. In the case of YouTube TV, a service that is only provided in the United States, there are also casually two million paid users.

The business details

It has been 14 years since Google bought YouTube, and it is the time it has taken to publicize the revenue figures generated by this video platform, which at the time cost $ 1,650 million.

Many of the Alphabet parent businesses give losses, but it has several that are gold mines. The first of them, Google Search that only last year entered 98.1 billion dollars.

Also account, for example with Google Cloud, with which only in the fourth quarter of 2019 report 2.6 billion dollars in revenue.

YouTube is not only advertising

The advertising revenue of the platform may be an excellent figure for the company, but to this we must add those from subscriptions to YouTube Premium and those derived from a section called others whose figures are unknown. Although it is logical to think that the bulk of their profits derive from advertisements.

Although of course, a part of those 15,000 million also serves to cover expenses ranging from payments to content creators to that made to Google. Figures that for now have not been revealed.