Redmi announces two Power Bank with 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh ┬╗ERdC

Redmi announces two Power Bank with 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh ┬╗ERdC

Redmi announces two Power Bank with 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh

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More than a year ago Redmi It became an independent brand. Celebrating its anniversary, the company has entered a new category of products in the Indian market: the power banks. Redmi has released two new powerbank Today, one of 10,000mAh and one of 20,000mAh.

Redmi PowerBank with 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh

Xiaomi is not new to powerbank, and neither is Redmi. The brand had launched a couple of devices in the segment in China last year in July. It seems that now they have announced the same power banks but in an international version. Both the 10,000 mAh Redmi and 20,000 mAh power banks come with dual inputs and outputs. Therefore we can charge them through a MicroUSB or USB-C cable. In addition, the two USB-A ports can be used to charge our phones, tablets or even small accessories using the low power smart mode.

The 10,000 mAh and 20,000mAh Redmi power banks are available in two colors: Gorgeous Black, and Elegant White. The body of this gadget has smooth and round corners, in addition to presenting grooves on the sides to offer a better grip. The 10,000mAh power bank can offer and receive charge to a 10W power. For its part, the 20,000mAh larger power bank it's compatible with load fast, so you can charge yourself and other devices with a 18W power. Both models of the Redmi power bank have circuit chip protection 12 layers, which includes overvoltage protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection and overcurrent protection.

Price of the devices

The 10,000 mAh Redmi Power Bank It is offered in India for a price of Rs. 799, which translates into around 9 euros or 10 dollars. Meanwhile, the most powerful model 20,000 mAh It has a price of Rs. 1499, which translates into around 19 euros or 21 dollars. The 20,000 mAh version has a very attractive value for money considering that not only does it add the double capacity in the battery, but also offers entrance and fast load output. In comparison, the same models have a price in China of 59 yuan (about 8.5 dollars) and 99 yuan (about 14 dollars), respectively.

Redmi power banks will go on sale for the first time February 18 at 12 p.m. in India. There is no information about Your arrival in other markets.

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