Philips prepares arrival in the US with competitive OLED TV

Philips prepares arrival in the US with competitive OLED TV

To a large extent, the United States is the land of abundance when it comes to the latest technology. It is a huge market, which allows you to have tons of options and some of the prices lower than any country. But sometimes great products do not reach their shores.

This is the case of Philips OLED TVs, which we had the opportunity to see at IFA 2019. If the recent reports that arise within the framework of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 are accurate, that is about to change: Funai, the company that represents Philips in the US to bring the OLED TV Series 804 to that market in 2020.

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The product has some characteristics that differentiate it from LG and Sony, although the OLED panels for the three companies come from the same factory managed by LG Display. The main one is Philips Ambilight technology. Using a string of LEDs mounted along three flanks on the back, the 804 Series can project an infinite variety of colors on the wall behind the TV.

These colors can match the predominant color on the screen, which has the effect of enlarging the image or can be set to a neutral white of 6500 K, which gives you all the benefits of professional polarization lighting. If you're a fan of the Philips Hue smart lighting system, it's even cooler: the Ambilight on the TV can sync with those lighting products for an effect that takes over your entire room.

Another interesting component is the 804 support for all major HDR formats. HDR10, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision are in the package, which will make 804 the only OLED TV in the US that will have them all. It's useful when you're watching Amazon Prime Video titles in HDR10 +. The 804 is also good when it comes to Dolby Atmos.

Philips prepares arrival in the US with competitive OLED CES 2020 TV

Although its Android TV operating system (Android 9 Pie) is not so different from the version found on Sony OLED TVs, the 804 has the advantage when it comes to Google Assistant. With the built-in microphones, you can give voice commands.

The 804 Series OLED TV also comes with a spectacular remote control, with a double-sided design means you can get rid of the D-pad and enter text using a real keyboard.

There are still no release dates or values, which we know will be available in sizes of 55 and 65 inches. Funai Product Planning Director, Peter Swinkels, said the price is affordable. ÔÇŁ

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