OnePlus prepara un dispositivo relacionado con los juegos para abril

OnePlus prepares a device related to games for April

OnePus game

These days we have mentioned more to the OnePlus company for news such as the dates of the new OxygenOs ROM or the price increase of the device in Europe, but today they have announced, from the forum itself, that prepare a device related to games for April, something that was already commented on by the dates of the Mobile World Congress.

We don't know much more about the next move that the OnePlus company has prepared for us, we can simply speculate on what to be, and we think it could be a bluetooth controller to be paired with our device, although we really want to see the second version of the company's flagship device. In the images that have been shared in the photo we see how they relate to an LED, where the company logo is even drawn on the air.

OnePlus game 2

Start a new game or Youre in control they are two of the slogans present in the images, apart they also leave two hands with the gesture of holding something. What makes us believe an expectation and impatience to really know what it is.

Ms Info. | OnePlus Forum

What do you think the OnePlus company may have prepared for next April?