Manage all tasks to do with the TickTick app


TickTick is not an app that is new, but it takes its years and we want to make a pass with it to publicize its best features. An app for multi-platform task lists that is in great shape and that we recommend from here on Android.

A app to take lists to do and that is characterized by its wide variety of features. It also has a successful design and several extras to give that special touch to all the tasks that we add throughout the week. We talk about graphics that illustrate the busiest day or how many tasks we usually complete daily. Let's get to know this app called TickTick a little more closely.

Synchronize your tasks in the cloud


The advantage of having a mobile and an app such as TickTick is that we will be able to tener all the tasks that we are doing in the cloud. That is, if you take a note on your mobile you will have it on your PC just as it might also be on your tablet. This way it will not matter from the device you take the note, you will have it in the cloud with TickTick.

TickTick has a premium subscription, but the vast majority of its features you have them without going through the box. So you can manage your day with the ease of seeing at a quick glance the lists of tasks that you have to complete or that you have already executed.

One of the interesting points of TickTick are the widgets and that will allow us to have all the control of the tasks from the desktop of our mobile. These tasks can become recurrent and flexible so that you have full control over them and modify them as we finish certain points of them.

Collaborate with others with TickTick


And as I could not miss, the collaboration is another strong point of this task list app. You can share lists of tasks to assign them to a team with which you work on a project or pass the list of gifts for next Christmas to your family. It is something vital that in an app of these we are offered the possibility of sharing, since in many moments we usually share actions with others. Here TickTick does not fall short.

But these features are not lacking either:

  • Add tasks via email
  • Upload attachments to tasks such as images or files
  • Integration with calendar applications
  • Sort tasks with tabs
  • Four levels of task priority
  • Filter options by order, date, name or priority.

You also have to have a calendar in which we can see our tasks well organized to do with their color for the priority of the same, so from this space we will have all the control and we can diversify the week well.

TickTick premium options


If you already want to go through the premium option of this app, we can summarize them in:

  • Fully functional calendar: access more calendar views. Put start and end dates on tasks and even allows you to subscribe to third-party app calendars.
  • Customize the ‚Äúsmarts‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúsmart‚ÄĚ lists: By unlocking this feature you will be able to be as flexible as you want with the lists.
  • Create up to 299 lists, 999 tasks per list and 199 subtask per task. That is, there are almost no limits on TickTick
  • Keep everything under control: see the preview of all tasks and lists. Keep track of all shared projects.
  • Statistics history: you can see at all times how a task is completed

TickTick has more premium features, but as we have said, you can practically stay with the free ones and enjoy a whole app of complete homework lists. Do not miss this list of apps to take reminders and that can come very well for your day to day.

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