iPhone grabar 2 camaras doubletake

How to record video with two cameras at once on the iPhone

iPhone record 2 doubletake cameras

If you remember the keynote of the iPhone 11, we could see a presentation of the FiLMiC app recording video with two cameras simultaneously. On the iPhone we can see at the same time what the 4 cameras of the device focused and choose two of them to record video at the same time.

This function has been delayed and has not yet been implemented in the official FiLMiC app, however the company has decided to launch a new app that only focuses on this function, so it allows us to record with two cameras on the iPhone at the same time.

DoubleTake, the app you must download

This new app allows you to "transform your iPhone into a multi-camera studio that allows you to capture video from two cameras at the same time." The application has multiple advanced functions when recording, for example we can put the two videos next to each other or one inside the other and save them as a single video file.

iPhone record 2 cameras at once

Or we can also record both videos separately, so that you will get two different files, one with each camera. In addition we also have adjustments to establish and block the focus and exposure in both cameras during recording.

To be able to record video with two cameras at the same time you just have to download the application on your iPhone, give it permissions to access the cameras and the microphone, choose the two cameras and start recording. The app has an incredibly simple interface So record videos with two cameras at once on your iPhone be sewing and singing.

The app is compatible with all devices capable of running iOS 13, however the recording with two cameras at the same time is restricted to iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, Xs Max, Xs and Xr.