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How to disable Search my iPhone

Searching for my iPhone is a feature that is available on iOS and macOS and that gives users the ability to locate their lost or stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac devices.

The service works so that once the function Search my iPhone on a device is activated, it is linked to the Apple ID of that user. From then on, the owner can locate the iPhone, iPad or Mac by logging in to (on a Mac) or using the Search my iPhone application on an iPhone or iPad.

When the feature is enabled, the owner of a device can view its location on a map, block it remotely, erase its content or send a message to a lost device to try to recover it as a reward.

The service can be useful in various situations, either by loss of the device, or by having suffered a robbery or theft. In addition to making possible its recovery, it makes real remote erase of it, to eliminate any value data stored inside.

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However, not everyone agrees with its use. In part, there is a feeling that you are constantly being followed in an era when people refuse to share locations, data and usage habits.

That is why we wanted to prepare this article in which we explain the possibility of removing the feature of Find my iPhone on an iPhone, MacBook, iPad or iPod touch.

How to deactivate Find my iPhone: Can I deactivate it?

Initially, Apple implemented it in its devices as an added service for its customers and with the purpose of discouraging the theft of the company's products. However, with that activated, you will not be able to completely restore the iPhone or iPad to return it to its original factory configuration.

It is for this reason that you must deactivate Find my iPhone before selling or transferring your iPhone. If you bought a second-hand device and do not have the Apple ID and password, requested by Find My iPhone, you should contact the previous owner to retrieve them.

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How to deactivate Find my iPhone: How to remove the function on an iPhone

Once your device is assigned the same Apple ID and password that was used to configure Find my iPhone, deactivating it is a fairly simple process. Follow these steps to deactivate the function:

  1. Access iOS settings
  2. Click on the Password and Accounts function
  3. Select your iCloud account
  4. Access Search my iPhone
  5. Turn off the function
  6. Enter the Apple ID password after tapping on disable

Find my iPhone now be disabled for this iOS device, and you can continue with the process of resetting the device factory settings (if you are planning to sell it or transfer it to someone else).

To do this, tap on Settings> General> Reset and Clear all content and device settings.

How to disable Search my iPhone: How to disable it from my Mac

Deleting a Macbook from Find My iPhone (or Find My Mac, as it is known in this context), is a bit different because it is based on the macOS operating system.

To deactivate Find my iPhone on your Mac, open the System Preferences function (from the Dock or by selecting the Apple menu in the top bar). Then click on iCloud (on the far left and depending on the macOS version).

Scroll to the bottom of the list and you will find the Find My Mac function, probably with a blue mark next to the box. Click on this if necessary to make sure there is no mark next to this entry.

I don't have the Apple ID or the correct password. How to disable Search my iPhone?

If you do not have the original Apple ID and password, you must request it from the previous owner. Fortunately, the Apple ID almost always matches an email address.

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Thus, if you do not know the original owner or have lost contact, you can verify the Apple ID and then send it by email to request the password (help reset the iPhone or iPad).

Without the Apple ID and password, there is no way to disable the Search My iPhone feature or reset an iOS device to its factory settings. All for security reasons.

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