Impossible perspectives in a Monument Valley puzzle game

Hocus is a puzzle game with perspectives to Monument Valley

This puzzle game moves the impossible perspectives of Monument Valley to a very original puzzle game: hocus deserves the download. You'll love it.

Visiting the list with the latest games from the Google Play Store means browsing between clones and clones of the most common titles. Although there are times when you come across a title like hocus: despite being a fairly common puzzle game, the way of putting it involves a certain fresh air. Play with the perspectives and the Pyramid of Penrose, moving part of the mechanics of Monument Valley to much simpler constructions.

hocus, a puzzle game with another perspective

Impossible perspectives in a Monument Valley puzzle game

The mechanics are the usual in this type of games: drag an element, a red cube, at the end of the maze. Simply move the cube manually or press to go to the specific point. So far, you can imagine the challenge: knowing where to move the figure at all times to go from levels. Complicated.

The structures through which we will move the cube will offer different levels depending on the perspective. They are impossible figures that trace paths that escape logic. Hence it is not easy to reach the end as we level up. As an aid we will have a superior circle that will indicate us where can we move Once we reach the intersections.

Go on one side, cube down, handle several cubes to take them to their destination without mutually interfering … hocus It is as well raised as executed. And with delicious attention to detail on stage, movements and sounds. Above, it has no advertising, it is free, you can create new levels and download them using a QR code. A hurray for developers.

hocus challenges your mind and your vision without complication of controls

It's the basics of a puzzle game: that the execution does not hinder the fun. Levels of increasing difficulty for a game that has surprised me by its quality. If you have not tried it, you can run for it.

You can download hocus from the following link to the Google Play Store. Free, no in-app purchases, no publi and more levels to download.