First impressions of the new Galaxy Buds Plus headphones

First impressions of the new Galaxy Buds Plus headphones

A year ago, in the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 to be more exact, Samsung introduced its first completely wireless headphones known as the Galaxy Buds. Without a doubt, it was the big surprise of the event.

That is why, this year, in the Galaxy Unpacked 2020, we were not surprised that an improved version of these headphones, called: Galaxy Buds +, made an appearance.

For several months ago, there are strong rumors that Samsung will launch a new generation of its Galaxy Buds, however, none of that was confirmed until now.

The South Korean company not only ratified that the new Galaxy Buds + are a reality, but also that they will be available this month.

After the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 ended, I had the opportunity to try these headphones for several minutes and confirm how many changes they have with respect to their predecessor. And here, I tell you everything.

Identical design, but with color changes

galaxy buds plus samsung first impressions 1Mara Teresa Lopes / Digital Trends in Spanish

When I had the Galaxy Buds Plus in my hands, I seemed to have exactly my current Galaxy Buds. Not only does the case have the same shape, with the USB-C port for charging and the word Samsung on the front, but also the shape of the headphones is identical with respect to its predecessor.

It is worth noting that, by putting them in my ears, the grip and the way they are held inside my ears is also the same.

The only physical difference I could find in these new hearing aids in color availability. The new Galaxy Buds Plus are now available in three colors: white, black and a very interesting blue that matches the one with the new Galaxy S20.

In addition, there is a special edition, about the Olympics, in white and gold.

Without a doubt, the big difference comes to stand out inside.

Partnership with Spotify

Headphones are synonymous with music and therefore, to improve the listening user experience, Samsung has partnered with Spotify to offer more features and facilitate the way we access music.

For several years, Spotify has become the leader in streaming music service in the market and has now made an agreement with Samsung to offer its services in a more direct and successful way to all those who purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus.

Now, when using your Galaxy Buds Plus, you can configure it with your Spotify account, listen to your favorite lists and Spotify until you recommend (or guess) what type of music you should listen to at any given time, according to your preferences.

Superior battery performance

galaxy buds plus samsung first impressionsMara Teresa Lopes / Digital Trends in Spanish

For me, this quality is what makes the big difference between the Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Buds Plus.

On this occasion, Samsung has assured that its new headphones will be able to last 22 hours of life without the need to charge, which is theoretically sounds very interesting.