FilmoraGo, video editor on Android with almost professional functions

FilmoraGo, video editor on Android with almost professional functions

FilmoraGo It is the best example that videos can be edited perfectly in Android if you have the right means. We can create, design, modify or eliminate everything that we want from the particular video, and we will show you all the ins and outs of this program.

Thousand and one options

Once installed, the app takes us directly to the menu to edit our first video, we will select one of the many we have in the galley, and ready to go. Within the editor, we find a row of parameters of all kinds, such as cutting a video clip, making a cropinsert subtitles, add audios. We can also add or reduce speed to its development.

Moreover, the app It offers us several themes that automatically mount us for video, without having to do anything at all. Among them we find an eighties theme, another of mirrors, another winter theme, etc. In addition, we can add images in format PIP, that is, implement them so that they appear in the video.

We can also create transitions between two or more videos, although in a very basic way since we can barely configure it, it only includes several effects to move from one video to another. You could not miss the basic settings, such as adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast or temperature of the image.

Once we have everything ready, we proceed to share it on social networks or directly store it in our galley. Something that catches our attention is that at the end of the edition and exporting the video, none appears watermark about the name of the app, something that is appreciated since other options do not eliminate them.

Aspects to improve

We miss a bigger issue in the image overlay or in the transition of videos, with more options of cuts. In the battery, we found a high consumption Just start using it, but this is something that does not catch us by surprise. Let's cross our fingers to continue improving and implementing new functions in this regard.

Download FilmoraGo on your device

If there is something that characterizes this app is that, despite its virtues and also its absences, it is compatible for any type of user. You don't have to be an expert in editing to know handle the program, only with a little patience do we realize that we can now use one of the best options to edit in Android. Get it in the Google Play store for free.

And what do you think about our FilmoraGo recommendation? Do you think there is a better option?