everything you need to know about the Hearthstone Dramatic Footman


Hearthstone continues to be updated with incredible news and now its last expansion, The Descent of the Dragons, brings us a new Dramatic Footman that you have to know. After five years of life, the Blizzard's work continues adding new content for its more than 100 million players throughout the world.

The Drachian Footman is the new footman who arrives at the Hearthstone Tavern by the hand of the Dragon Descent. Is about a non-collectible card generated by several cards, which costs 1 man, is a 1/1 and discover a dragon among all the collectibles that are in the standard mode of the popular Blizzard card game. The company has made an official statement on its website in which they reveal all the details about this new letter.

The Hearthstone Dramatic Footman is now available

In case you do not know, there are seven lackeys available in total, so players have a probability of around 14% to get to the Draconic Footman every time one is generated. The average quality of these dragons that can be generated has increased dramatically since the new set of cards came out. In most clashes, when playing the Draconic Footman, It is best to see the graph of man and choose the dragon that best suits the circumstances.

“The lackeys of this expansion should especially benefit the pcaro and chamn mallets

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Stephen Chang, designer of the game, has said that from the company they had many ideas for different designs of lackeys that they wanted to implement after The Rise of Shadows, but in the end we were left with those who best fit the game and the themes of Salvadores de Uldum and The Descent of the Dragons. For The Descent of the Dragons, the idea was to create a lackey related to the theme of expansion. The drastic footman always gives you a minion, so It helps you put pressure on the board and activate some cards that require dragons in hand to take advantage of them