Girl´s War Z

Defend the base with your heronas in Girls War Z for your mobile

With everything that happens with the women's movement, Girl´s War Z puts them as the main protagonists in a tower defense in which we have to defend at all costs the base of those zombies wanting blood.

Everything is done with him automatic combat and those powerful skills that we can use manually. What is a little different from other games is the way to face the games with different squads that will replace those that have run out of combat points.

Gameplay is rare in Girl´s War Z

Girl´s Z War

With all the great work generated in the visual, Girl´s War Z takes us to a slightly weird gameplay and that in many moments causes confusion. We have several squads that are replaced as one of ammunition remains.

The idea itself is great, but fails to understand in the first minutes and this can create a confusion that leads to stop playing it. At a time when we have a lot of similar games with automatic combat, it costs nothing to close it and start another one installed.

Mainly we have a squad, which at first seems numerous to leave us with one in which we only have one warrior. This fight alone and just defeated to be replaced by another to end all those zombies with a large number of skills. Everything is confusing and it is not understood who we are or what our objective is.

Wide variety of zombies and skills

What saves Girl´s War Z is the wide variety of zombies and skills that are generated on the screen. Although we return to them, sometimes everything It seems to be like a video game movie in which we touch some buttons, but that really does not imply change in the result.

Girl´s Z War

That is almost randomly touching those skills the levels and waves of those zombies are passing. Yes, they are cool and cool, but where does it really depend on us, on our clumsiness or ability, that we continue to progress?

The team of Girl´s War Z has fallen short in showing how It has to be played and the reason for each of the squads we have. Hundreds of zombies appear, and suddenly only a few. There is no equanimity and everything is a bit chaotic.

The feminine power for another occasion

Girl´s Z War

And the truth that angry enough not to have almost no control of our squad and let's just be spectators of your game. If you are one of those who like automatic combat and more devise those squads, then surely you stay playing, if you are more than those who prefer to have some effect in the game, we pass before another like this.

Visually it is very nice and the design of our heroines It is very well worked. We were rare before the gameplay and how the whole game is generated before our eyes. Yes, the design of the zombies is also very cool, as is the case with the powerful skills that we can use in the first games, but for the rest we are left with the feeling that there is no logic that unites everything. That is to say, that looking at each one of its elements the truth that everything is very curved, but there is nothing to each other. And this shows in the gameplay and the difficulty that almost does not exist.

Hopefully they will be able to correct it in updates, and we are talking about Com2Us, some that are not newbies and know what this is about gaming from a mobile. Girl´s War Z does not reach the height of the great Summoner´s War of Com2Us, but they do have the same design team. We'll see how it all ends, because for now this new title for Android leaves us a bit weird with female power as a great strength.