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Children exchange AirPods to talk in class without being seen

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Thanks to their absence of cables, the Airpods They managed to revolutionize the way of listening to audio. For some, Apple's wireless headphones are the best companions when it comes to exercising, listening to music while they are walking, or just listening to their favorite podcast while they are at home. However, for others it is the best way to hide.

A new video has gone viral on social networks, demonstrating how the AirPods have become the adolescent favorite accessory when communicating, without being discovered.

AirPods: the new allies to talk in class without being seen

According to information shared in Imore, a group of young people from a school in the United States show on video, how share messages in a classroom Without being discovered. The protagonists of the strategy are the AirPods, who reproduce the content of the messages written by the young people in the Google Trasnlate app.

The video made on TikTok and shared by some users through Twitter highlights the cunning with which students can communicate sneakily, thanks to their iPhone and of course the absence of AirPods cables. Although in this case the app used has been the Google translator, any application can be used in the same way. And the results should be the same independently.

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To tell the truth the young people have found a fairly ingenious way to communicate among them they are in the classroom. Although thanks to the popularity of this type of videos, it is likely that from now on there will be more attentive teachers or that other people decide to replicate the strategy in other types of contexts, such as a boring meeting. Will you use this technique? Share in the comments!