BlackBerry stops manufacturing phones: TCL abandons the brand

The end of an era is very close. BlackBerry was a reference in terms of mobile technology worldwide and now we are about to say goodbye forever, as the Chinese company TCL stop manufacturing BlackBerry brand phones as soon as its license reaches its expiration date.

August 31, 2020 It is the day in which the rights of the BlackBerry brand are over, and be there when an icon of mobile technology for years close its doors forever.

This confirms that TLC does not even consider renewing the BlackBerry license. Be on the date indicated the moment in which the paths of both technology companies separate.

This really does not mean a goodbye to BlackBerry, but being as the current market is, it will be very difficult to trace the losses of so many years that the company has accumulated.

The truth is that, if there is no other partner capable of raising the brand, we will be facing the end of an era in current technology.

If we look back, it was in 2016 when BlackBerry decided to stop manufacturing phones, and it was then that he I gave the relay to TCL. From there, BlackBerry returned to market position and launched some mobile phones as characteristic as the BlackBerry Key.

Image - BlackBerry stops manufacturing mobile phones: TCL abandons the brand

As soon as we reach August 31, TCL lose all rights you have on BlackBerry, that is, you can not use the name, or manufacture devices, or design them, much less market with them or with the BlackBerry brand itself, etc.

For those adventurers who have a BlackBerry in their hands they should know that the technical service remain active until the summer of 2022, specifically until August 31, 2022.

Saying goodbye always hurts and as happens with BlackBerry, but in a market as competitive and changing as the mobile phone is, only the strongest survive and those who know how to adapt to the changes risking the fair and necessary to open new roads.

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