iPhone 11 y iPhone 11 pro

Apple and the iPhone grow in Spain positioning itself as the third best selling brand

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro

We knew that the iPhone 11 in its different versions had sold very well throughout the globe, Apple itself had confirmed it in the financial results of the last quarter, however we did not know its performance by passes. According to the Canalys report, Apple and the iPhone have grown 8% in the last quarter in Spain, although it still has two other brands ahead.

The last quarter of the year is usually very important for Apple, it is the time when new iPhone are launched so sales increase considerably. But in this growth data we are comparing the last quarter of 2019 with the last quarter of 2018, so Apple's growth is good news for the company.

Apple is doing well in Spain, in Europe and in many other countries

Apple results In Spain, they have grown substantially up to 8%, accounting for 20% of all smartphone sales from the last quarter of 2019. With data very similar to those collected by Samsung, which is located as number 1 and Xiaomi, in second position.

Apple Q4 2019 Spain

If Apple's results in Spain have been good, in the rest of Europe they are still better. In Germany have positioned themselves as the best selling brand with 40% of total sales. In Italy they are in second position as in France, but in the French country its sales have grown no less than 44% About a year ago.

Apple Europe Q4 2019

In addition to this data, Canalys has also shared smartphone sales data in Mexico, where Apple has achieved grow 2% and place in fourth position in terms of sales in a market dominated by Lenovo, a brand that barely has a presence in Europe.

apple mexico

As we see the strategy with the iPhone 11 has taken effect and lowering the price has increased Apple sales in all countries, we will see if with the iPhone 12 range of 2020 they maintain their pricing strategy, something that could bring us a cheaper iPhone.