Analysis and opinions of Android 6.0 disguised as iPhone 6S

Analysis and opinions of Android 6.0 disguised as iPhone 6S


When writing the history of Android, there is no doubt that HTC will be remembered as one of the first to innovate, not only on the platform but in the design and functionalities of this type of mobile. This Taiwanese company it was the one that built the first Android mobile, as well as the first Nexus, but …How to be remembered your new device: HTC One A9?

There are those who will say that HTC could also be classified as the pioneer in trying to build an Android 6.0 disguised as an Apple phone … And it is that the great resemblance between the HTC One A9 and the iPhone 6Shan left more than one a little discouraged. It is not a bad design, on the contrary, however, being a model already seen, the emotion is little.

HTC's design line has evolved and now flirts with Apple'sHTC's design line has evolved and now flirts with Apple's

However, it is also not correct to ensure that the HTC One A9 is a copy of the iPhone, since part of the design of the One A9 is simply an evolution of HTC equipment. Since the One M7, launched in 2013, the company has manufactured full-body equipment made of aluminum, characterized by a particular mixture of subtle curves and precise straight lines, so it can be said that this equipment is, in part, inheritance of his brothers … Although, everything is said, when faced with the One M9 and the iPhone 6 Plus, it is worthwhile that every five draw their own conclusions:

The HTC One A9 is more similar (in design) with the iPhone 6 than with the HTC One M9The HTC One A9 is more similar (in design) with the iPhone 6 than with the HTC One M9

However, beyond making comparisons between the new One A9 and the iPhone, this new HTC terminal offers great design and interesting specifications. To discover it thoroughly, let's take a look in detail,So after trying it for a couple of days, then our impressions and opinions on the HTC ONE A9.


Over time each manufacturer has established its own screen size, thanks to which customers can identify each brand. While Sony has opted for 5.2 inches with its Z5, Apple has stayed at 4.7 with the iPhone 6, Samsung with 5.1 on the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 with 5.5 inches . The HTC, meanwhile, seems to have set his pattern at 5 inches, size that we observe in the One A9.

htc a9 screen

The screen of this equipment incorporates AMOLED technology. Although this type of screens makes us think of the Lumia and especially the Samsung, the HTC One A9 an panel may not be at the level of the panels of these two manufacturers, especially if we compare it with the Korean SuperAMOLED. However, the combination of this panel with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels seems to be sufficient for the screen size and the pixel density does not fall far below in comparison with other equipment (more than 440 dpi).

With a height of 145.75 mm and a width of 70.8 mm, the HTC One A9 has a fairly balanced weight for the size of your screen. While it is true that the design of this equipment is very similar to that of the iPhone 6, especially in regard to the metal body and rounded edges, in addition to a part of the glass front and the integration of the antennas in the back of the mobile, HTC has added other interesting details.

HTC One A9 Vs iPhone 6S

One of these details is found on the back of the device, in which we can see a pattern of polished lines, an effect that does not have its lateral edges, which are brighter and resemble those of the HTC One M9, although the latter does not have the curvature that now incorporates the One A9.

HTC One A9 rear

The power button, located on the right side, has a laminated finish to differentiate itself from the volume buttons. On the other side we found the slots for the SIM cards and the microSD, a feature that remains in this device, unlike the more recent models that have been released.

The HTC One A9It also has a capacitive button at the bottom of the front, which not only serves to unlock the mobile easily but also integrates the fingerprint reader that works very well to the touch.

HTC One A9 fingerprint reader

On the back of the device there is both the main camera and the dual flash. Finally, at the bottom of the device is where we can find the microUSB connection and the 3.5mm headphone jack.