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A strange study says that the iPhone 11 emits twice the radiation of the allowed

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An independent study carried out by specialists in a laboratory has revealed that Apple's iPhone 11 Pro emits twice the allowed radiation, exceeding the limit established by the FCC of radio frequency emissions.

According to the California RF Exposure Laboratory study, the iPhone 11 Pro exposes users to a specific absorption rate of 3.8 W / kg. The established limit is 1.6 W / kg.

Apple's mobile phone was subjected to a series of tests to five millimeters away, as the FCC guidelines suggest.

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Are the radiation emissions of the iPhone 11 Pro dangerous?

Interestingly, other iPhone models that have been subjected to similar tests have not been shown to emit radiation levels as high as the iPhone 11. The FCC did some tests that resulted in previous generation iPhone operating within legal limits. established.

All devices tested in the FCC laboratory emit radiofrequency signals less than the 1.6 W / kg limit.

Federal radiation exposure limits are extremely conservative, and tests are performed under the most exaggerated conditions. So although tests have shown that iPhone 11 Pro models emit more radiation than allowed, in reality they do not pose a health hazard of the users.

The United States government establishes numerous exposure limits for different areas. In the case of exposure to radio frequency in electronic devices such as the iPhone, 10% is established as a safety limit for workers in the industry and 2% as a non-occupational limit.

What do you think about this worrisome news? Do you think that the radiation emitted by the iPhone is dangerous and we should adapt the technology to emit less levels of radio frequency?