A bank asks for explanations for the concept of a Bizum

The sending of money between friends through Bizum It is a fairly common practice among young people today. In these small transfers it is possible to put a concept in order to know the reason for this money transfer. Now a bank asks for explanations to a user due to concept which appeared in Bizum that was rejected.

Weapons for the holy struggle in Syria it was the concept of Bizum with a value of 11.50 euros which has been denied by a bank and that he has proceeded to ask the user for explanations which was making the payment through the Bizum platform.

We saw what it is and how Bizum works and we saw that in each operation we can introduce a concept to describe what this delivery or receipt of money is about.

A user is about to send money to a friend, 11.50 euros specifically, and introduced the state we have seen before. The bank proceeded to cancel the shipment of this amount and call this user to know why he had introduced this concept.

The concept was nothing more than a joke. The user decided to share this story on the social network Twitter and several users began to show their surprise, since, apparently, these types of concepts are more common than we think and until now it was not known that they were reviewed by banks.

Image - A bank asks for explanations for the concept of a Bizum

On the other hand, the user has made a thread showing other concepts of Bizum which are quite curious and so his bank did not ask for explanations. Remember that through Bizum we can make a I send instant money from 0.50 to 500 euros.

Now that we know that the bank reviews these types of concepts, we must be more careful with the concepts that we introduce since if it is not possible for our entity to start asking for explanations.

Does Bizum have a cost?

How about reviewing Bizum's concepts? Do you play joke texts when packing money?