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You can now download Happy Wheels for Android

download happy wheels android

Happy Wheels is a classic browser game in which, with a character on board different types of vehicles, we must go through different levels. The most interesting thing about the game, however, is to see how the ragdoll physics the game uses makes our character's deaths fun. This game, since its premiere in 2010, has gained a lot of popularity, with a faithful community of users who have already created more than 5 million levels for the game.

In 2015 it was announced that a version of Happy Wheels will be released for Android and iOS, but It has not been until 2020, because now the game is available in Google Play Store. It has taken a long time, but the wait has been worth it, since this version for Android is very well optimized and the controls are very well arranged on the screen. Next, we tell you all the details of the arrival of Happy Wheels to Android.

Happy Wheels, a 2D racing game with a touch of violence

When you install Happy Wheels you will find a 2D side-scrolling racing game with many levels full of obstacles. Of course, these obstacles are not easy to get around and some will make you die quite violently. Currently, there are four characters to choose from in Happy Wheels:

  • A businessman in a Segway.
  • A couple of father and son on a bicycle.
  • A man tied to a wheelchair with rocket.
  • A woman on a scooter.

There are 15 levels in the game for each character, which are designed to make you fall in each curve. It was also announced that two more characters will arrive in the game in the next few days, so we believe that Happy Wheels be a game that receive a lot of content through updates.

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Are you able to overcome each level without dying in the attempt?

Each level is designed with a series of deadly traps for which you must maneuver skillfully. The controls are the same for each character, but each vehicle has a unique physics that adds a nice extra layer of difficulty to face. However, as we mentioned in the introduction, the best part of this game is the dreadful deaths you can make these unfortunate characters go through.

So, dare to die in Happy Wheels to laugh at the crazy physics of this game. Of course, keep in mind that some death scenes can be very explicit. If things are too horrible for your sensitivity, you can disable the effects of blood particles in the settings. That does not prevent your characters shatter with their limbs flying in all directions, but at least there is a little less blood involved.

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Some features of the original game are extracted in this version for Android

After waiting 5 years for the Android version of Happy Wheels, it is logical that players hope that the game arrives complete, with all its options. But no, certain features of the original Happy Wheels are not in the Android version, such as the level editor or the possibility of sharing the repetitions of deaths in social networks.

Anyway, Happy Wheels on Android is free, so there is no reason to claim so much. In short, it is the ideal game to play fast games and kill time when you're bored. Describe it now!

Happy wheels Happy wheels

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