Yes you can! Learn how to disable automatic playback on Netflix

Yes you can! Learn how to disable automatic playback on Netflix

It's movie night. You locate the most comfortable site on the sof, open Netflix and start examining the huge catalog of this service streaming. But if you stay too long in a title, you will begin to be besieged by scenes of that selection: Netflix AutoPlay attacks again. For a long time there was no solution, apart from further progress in the app, but things have changed. Netflix has finally responded to the constant complaints of its subscribers with the announcement of a new option to control and deactivate automatic playback, so that you decide if you want to see automatic content advances or that the next episode of your series begins alone.

Netflix on Twitter: We hear the feedback loud and clear – now members can control whether or not they want to see automatic advances on Netflix.

This is how you can control the Netflix auto playback features.

Step 1. Login to Netflix

Sign in to disable automatic playback on Netflix

First of all, you need to access your Netflix account from a browser. As long as you have a compatible device at hand, you can access your account settings. As soon as you make the change in your profile from a device, this applies to all the devices with which you enter the service.

Step 2. Manage profiles

Manage profiles to disable automatic playback on Netflix

After entering, you will have to choose Manage profiles in the menu. Its location depends on what you use to access the browser; For example, on a computer, the drop-down menu will be in the upper right corner of the screen. On a mobile, you can find the Manage profiles function by clicking on Ms in the lower right corner.

Then, choose the profile you want to make changes to. Eye: the changes apply specifically to the profile in which they are made and will not affect other profiles connected to that account.

Step 3. Mark (or uncheck) everything that applies

Go to Edit profile before turning off automatic playback on Netflix

When you click on a profile, the Edit Profile screen appears. Among the settings you can manipulate are the name of the profile and the language, in addition to an option to allow content for adults or only for teenagers and children.

Under all these options you will see the new controls for automatic playback, with two boxes that you can check or uncheck: one says Automatically play the next episode of a series on all devices and the other Automatically reproduce the advances while browsing on all devices .

Uncheck the first to prevent Netflix from automatically advancing to the next episode of a series you are watching. Although Netflix is ​​usually an ideal platform for marathons, disabling this feature will allow users to actively participate in the marathon.

If you uncheck the second box, Netflix will no longer automatically reproduce the previews of all the content you go through. Forget about shocks and hurry to lower the volume; You will no longer have to quickly remove yourself from a title to prevent the preview from starting.

Netflix said there could be a delay before the changes take effect, but you can promote an update by switching between profiles and then reloading your profile, with the updated settings.

Finally, if you conclude that you reap the benefits of automatic playback, you can always go back to the settings and check a box or two.

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