miDGT dgt

With miDGT you can take the driving license on the iPhone

miDGT dgt

The General Directorate of Traffic has just launched an application for smartphones that allows us bring the driving license directly on our device, be it an iPhone or an Android. It is an app that has been developing for many months, we had news of it in July last year, and it is already available for download in the App Store.

Now it is finally available, we can take the driving license directly on the iPhone thanks to the official application called miDGT. It is also an app that will evolve, as it is expected to incorporate new features very soon. At the moment it is in open test phase, and encourage all users to share their experience through comments or suggestions for improvements.

How to have the driving license on the iPhone

If you want to take the driving license on your iPhone, we will show you what are the steps to follow. The first, as usual, is download the official app from the Directorate General of Traffic miDGT. In addition to the app you can not only carry your driving license, but also the documentation of your vehicles in digital format will be available.

Update: It seems that the app is no longer available for download, since it is a test phase the maximum number of users has already been reached. Once this phase is successfully completed, the app returns to the App Store.

Then we must identify ourselves, in this process uses the Cl @ ve identification system in the Public Administration. It is an Electronic identity for Administrations that allows us to make certain online transactions, and is necessary to enter the miDGT app. If you want to get your Cl @ ve you must visit this link where they will give you all the necessary information.

Once we identify we can access all the data of our driving license in its digital version, in addition We will have a QR code with our card so that the authorities can read it in case they ask for it.


In addition to the driving license, we also have a section called My vehicle in which we can see certain data of our car. Among these data we have:

  • Environmental label
  • Circulation permit.
  • See if you have the ITV in force and its expiration date.
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Car make and model.
  • Fuel used, displacement and frame number.
  • Date of first registration.
  • Insurance entity and expiration.
  • Ownership of the vehicle.

It is certainly an important step of the DGT that allows us have in our devices very relevant information of our car and our driving license. In this way, using different QR codes, it will be easier to show all this information to the authorities at the time they are requested.