¿Actualizará el HTC One M7 a Android 5.1? Parece que sí

Upgrade HTC One M7 to Android 5.1? It seems that s

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The last few days there has been much talk about end of support by HTC for its original HTC One released in 2013. So that Android 5.0.2 Lollipop will be the last version of Android that this terminal officially received. At least, that's how Mo Versi, HTC executive, made it known through social networks.

In it, he stated that Only the Google Play Edition will receive Android 5.1 Lollipop, since the two years of support that HTC promises for its terminals has been completed; in this case, the HTC One M7. Behind this, the critics of the users of this terminal have not stopped, especially, considering the multitude of bugs that still presents a version as recent as Android 5.0.2 version in which the HTC One M7 will stay, in its variant with HTC Sense.

With the stir, Mo Versi has echoed these critics, and has wanted to calm the atmosphere in a new tweet, in which he announces that he will keep in mind the concern of the users and that, despite the fact that Android 5.0.2 resolves the failures, he understands the confusion caused, encouraging people to stay tuned for future developments.

It does not affirm or deny, but reading between the lines we can understand that if the failures are present in Android 5.0.2, the same will be that HTC listen to its buyers and launch an OTA with Android 5.1 Lollipop for the original HTC One.

As the Mo Versi tweet says, we only have stay stay and wait for the next few weeks to find out if HTC finally cares about users and decides to support HTC One M7 for the last time.

Update the Taiwanese manufacturer this terminal to Android 5.1, or let it die with a failed version?