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This Samsung smartphone is the most difficult to repair according to experts

iFixit, the repair guide, seal cul es the 2019 smartphone harder to repair.

The specialized site carries out analysis of mobile devices and other electronic devices to guide users in their purchases. Reparability is a very important aspect to consider, so iFixit uses its efforts to describe how complicated it is to open a smartphone to be able to repair it.

During the past year, the companies decided to venture marking new trends; presenting foldable smartphones like Huawei with the Mate X or Samsung with his Galaxy Fold. However, this technology did not present the best results, since even both companies they had to delay their releases to be able to improve the hardware of each device.

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Now, a few months after being present in the market, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Fold continues to talk about certain inconveniences. iFixit has rated the smartphone of the South Korean company as the most difficult to repair in 2019.

samsung-galaxy-fold-2-cristal "class =" wp-image-607034 "srcset =" 1024w , 840w, 2-cristal-768x432.jpg 768w, 880w, 12 / samsung-galaxy-fold-2-cristal-470x264.jpg 470w, 300w, https: // 1200w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px "/></span></figure><h2>The nightmare continues</h2><p>iFixit published a video with the summary of what has been 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Fold obtained a 2 out of 10 after the analysis of the workers of the North American company, especially for the difficult access and fragility of many of its components.</p> <figure class=

In the iFixit list, we also find other high-end smartphones that are complicated to repair due to their crystals, non-modular components, adhesives or other aspects. You can see the list in this link.

The easiest smartphone to repair was the Fairphone 3, since I only needed a screwdriver to access it. Now, iFixit also decided to see if it was possible to grate cheese with the new Mac Pro, so you can watch the video here.

The result on the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not surprising, since, from the beginning, there were many problems, but it is also completely understandable as it is one of the first mobile devices that I decided to bet on a folding design; that is, it worked like an experiment, but the company could polish all those little flaws to perfect future models. We will probably know more information at the Mobile World Congress 2020.

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We had it in our hands, so you can see the unboxing of this innovative smartphone.