These are the most used web browsers in the world

These are the most used web browsers in the world

Google CHrome for Android

What is the application or tool that we use most in our desktop and / or mobile computers? WhatsApp? Instagram? Facebook? Absolutely, the web browser.

It is essential although in many occasions we do not really give it the importance it deserves. Although there are many alternatives, choosing one or the other is quite important. Some prioritize browsing speed, others privacy but … Did you know what is the most used browser in the world?

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world

google android browser

As you have already read about these lines, Google Chrome web browser is the most used by users according to the latest Statcounter study.

With almost 70% market share in terms of desktops and laptops, far outperforms its main competitors. Mozilla Firefox ranks second with 9.5% and Safari third with 8.6%.

The funny and interesting thing is that 4.71% of users still betting on the nefarious Internet Explorer which remains inexplicably in a fourth position.

As for mobile device browsers there is not much surprise either. Google Chrome again stands as undisputed leader with 60%, followed by iOS Safari with 21% and Samsung's browser with 6.8%.

As a curious note note that the native Android s browser, there is an own Android browser and no, it is not Google Chrome it doesn't even reach 1% quota.

As we mentioned earlier, choosing one or the other can be the difference between navigating fluidly or want to throw the phone out the window, so if any of you still have doubts about which browser to choose, we leave you an interesting article with the 11 best browsers for Android. You are welcome.

And you, what browser do you use in your day?