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The Xiaomi Mi 10 mount RAM LPDDR5, confirms the company »ERdC

The Xiaomi Mi 10 mount RAM LPDDR5, confirms the company

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Micron Technology, a provider of electronic components, announced that mass production has begun of the first low power DRD LPDDR5 chip of the world designed for the market of high-end smart phones. Now, it has been confirmed that the next Xiaomi Mi 10 series will be the first phones to present it. Then, the Xiaomi Mi 10 can become the first phone with technology. Shortly after, Xiaomi confirmed that they will also incorporate Samsung LPDDR5 RAM.This phones will be presented February 13 in China, and they will have a global launch on day 23.

The LPDDR5 RAM is confirmed for the Xiaomi Mi 10

Micron LDDR5 RAM uses the industry’s leading packaging technology for its 12 GB of RAM. The low power DDR5 offers a transmission speed of up to 6.4Gbps. In terms of speed, It is twice as fast as LPDDR4 and 20% faster than LPDDR4x RAM. The data access speed has been increased by 50% in the LPDDR5.

In comparison with the previous generation, consumes 20% less energy. According to Micron Technology, only with the increase in speed in LPDDR5 RAM, the speed of processing and operation of applications also becomes faster. Therefore, devices equipped with the technology can help extend the useful life of the battery between 5 and 10%.

When it comes to performance, Micron Technology said its predecessor, LPDDR4 RAM, can be used for 4K, 8K and image editing applications. However, it does not work well with AR games, 100 megapixel images and high performance video editing. These advantages are available with LPDDR5. In addition, if an LPDDR4 runs 100 applications simultaneously, a bottleneck may appear. LPDDR5 devices will not find such a problem, says the company.

Xiaomi also use Samsung LPDDR5 RAM

Shortly after the announcement, Internet users at Weibo asked if Xiaomi would also use LPDDR5 memory chips manufactured by Samsung. This was a valid question as the next Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Nubia's Red Magic 5G flagship, is expected to use Samsung's new memory chip. And last night, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed that The Mi 10 series use LPDDR5 memory chips from Micron and Samsung.

The Mi 10 Pro will mount up to 16GB of RAM

If Samsung is supplying LPDD5 memory chips for the Xiaomi Mi 10, it is likely that the top variant has a 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM manufactured by Samsung. An earlier leak had suggested that the most expensive Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro would reach these figures.

Xiaomi has never been afraid to include large amounts of RAM in its flagships. For example, your most recent Mi 9 Pro 5G offers up to 12 GB of RAM. Therefore, it is not surprising to see 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ms top.

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