The LG V40 against its rivals: Xperia XZ3, Galaxy Note 9 and P20 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will have five cameras, including the wide angle

In recent days the rumors of the new Samsung have begun to increase. And no, we are not referring to the one that will be presented next month in New York, but to the one we will see in the MWC 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

We already knew that the company was thinking of launching three models for this new stage. The first would be the basic one, with a rear camera and no fingerprint sensor on the screen or curved panel. The second would be the normal one, the Galaxy S10 with dual rear camera.

But it would be the third most relevant, and most expensive, and now we know that Not only will you have three cameras behind, but two more in front.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be the first of the firm with 3 cameras behind

The triple camera of the Huawei P20 Pro has created a trend

The three rear cameras will be used to vary the framing and focus depending on what we want to photograph.

The main lens will consist of a dual opening sensor, like the Samsung Galaxy S9. The second will be a telephoto to be able to take pictures at a distance without compromising resolution.

But the novelty will be in the third and that is that Samsung joins Motorola or LG in the inclusion of a wide angle, perfect for taking pictures in landscapes or for taking out a large group of people.

It will have two cameras in front

Samsung Galaxy A8 and its dual front camera

Other information adds that this model, unlike the other two Galaxy S10, will have two cameras in front, like the ones that the Samsung Galaxy A8 has and that will take the selfies to another level.

We do not know yet if that double camera will also have a wide angle as we have seen in some Chinese brands or if it will simply use the second sensor to obtain depth data and make the portraits with higher quality blur.