The Honor 9X Lite appears in an image with a dual 48 MP camera

The Honor 9X Lite appears in an image with a dual 48 MP camera

Months have passed since Honor presented its Honor 9x and it seems that soon we can see a new model of the series, the new Honor 9x Lite, which will come interesting features in the cameras section.

A promotional image that has leaked on the network shows the back of the Honor 9x Lite, along with a very indicative phrase "An extraordinary photographer", in addition to the legend "with dual camera 48 MP".

Honor 9X Lite

This suggests that Honor will repeat the system with the Honor 9X for this cheaper version, with a 48MP sensor as the main and a secondary that is possibly dedicated to capturing depth. The reason may have been to make this device a variant of the first, which will allow him to skip the US veto. Just that will be one of the best assets of the terminal, since everything points to The Honor 9X Lite come with Google services.

This is not only taken from the filtered image and the assumptions, but it is confirmed when you see it appear as a compatible terminal on the Google Play Store service website, where it is shown in three models: JSN-L21, JSN-L22 and JSN-L23.

Google Play Store service website,

What we do not know is when the launch will be made, but everything indicates that it will not wait too long.

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