The Google assistant will integrate the new function to control its use

The Google Assistant integrate the new function to control its use

In the Google I / O 2018 there were numerous innovations in terms of software. One of the most curious and interesting was Digital wellbeing, a control panel that would allow us to see how we spend our time on mobile. Google knows that the obsession with the use of technological devices can become problematic and has begun to put the band aid before the injury occurs.

This will come to Android shortly since it is one of the novelties of Android 9 Pie and even some manufacturers are implementing their own, such as Huawei in EMUI 9.

Google has even wanted to expand this idea to its own applications, to let us know if we are using them too long. We have seen it in the calendar or in the YouTube app.

Digital welfare will reach the Google assistant

The last application to receive this new feature is nothing less than the Google assistant and, collaterally, Google Home. As you know, Google speakers are simply a way to interact with the assistant.

The Google assistant will integrate the new function to control its use

In version 8.20 some users have seen how the interface of the settings has changed and how the option called Family Tools has changed to Digital Wellbeing.

In this case the new setting, called Filters, allows children to not control the assistant indiscriminately, for which Voice Match technology is used. For example, you can set usage times for this type of device.

This is framed in a new function for homes which allows users who have access to the assistant to be centralized according to which devices.

At the moment there are few who are seeing these changes and it is probably because they are undergoing tests. In the coming weeks we will see how the Google app is updated.