The 10 best security extensions for Google Chrome

The 10 best security extensions for Google Chrome

With the increase in the cybercrime rate every day, it is becoming essential to increase your online security. To do that, you can take a series of measures that include the use of more secure passwords, transactions only on sites with an SSL certificate and many more. However, taking these measures is not always so convenient. To simplify life in this domain, the Chrome Web Store has some extensions that you can add to your Chrome browser. So without further delay, Here is a list of the 10 best security extensions for Google Chrome:

1. Avast Online Security

With Avast's reliability, Avast Online Security is an indispensable extension if your online security is taken seriously. Having some features similar to its antivirus counterpart, Scan websites for malware Y show small cones next to the search results that appear when you perform any search on the web. The extension also has a function of "Do not track" It blocks unwanted advertising and prevents analytics sites from following it in secret. And unlike the "Do not track" feature of Chrome, it works on every website you visit.

Avast Online Security can prevent you from reaching potential malicious sites when you type a URL incorrectly by redirecting it to legitimate sites. And if you already have Avast Antivirus installed on your computer, then you can enable the "SafeZone" feature that takes you to the Avast SafeZone browser every time you visit any important financial site.

Add to Chrome: (free)

2. LastPass

If creating secure passwords for your online accounts was not a sufficient challenge, remembering them definitely is. That's when you need to add the LastPass extension to your list. He is a password manager who figure all your passwords using 256-bit AES encryption, the hash with salt and the PBKDF2 SHA-256 and stores them securely in one place. To access them, all you have to do is remember a master password. In addition to this, you can secure your LastPass account even more by using the two factor authentication .

The LastPass extension can also be used to generate password suggestions and store your insurance card numbers, membership numbers and WiFi passwords as secure notes. And if you ever want to share them with someone, you can do it safely. Although all of these features are offered for free, LastPass also has a premium version that offers some additional features, such as shared family folders (up to 5 users), desktop fingerprint identification Y 1 GB of encrypted file storage .

Add to Chrome: (free, premium at $ 1 / month)

3. Ghostery

If privacy is your main concern, you should not look beyond the Ghostery extension. Once you add it to your Chrome browser, detects all trackers that are placed on a site, whether for advertising, analysis of sites or social networks, and then gives you the option to block some or all. You can even get information about each tracker by clicking on their respective names.

For the sites you trust, Ghostery allows you to mark them as trusted sites so that trackers in that domain are not blocked. And for those you don't trust, you can restrict them to block all trackers automatically.

Add to Chrome: (free)

4. TunnelBear

Nothing assures you more than a VPN in a public WiFi. While there are many VPN extensions available for Chrome, most of them record their activity or are not free. Well, the story is a bit different for TunnelBear. Is a free VPN extension that not only protects your navigation in a public WiFi with private connections to 20 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, but that also does not record your activity online . This allows you to access blocked websites and reduces the ability of websites and advertisers to track it.