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Security tips and tricks for Mac

Maintaining the privacy and security of the data has become of the utmost importance for everyone, but not less relevant should be to guarantee the security of your Mac computer. That is why we have prepared this article of tricks and tips to strengthen the security of your Mac .

For some time now, Apple's ecosystem has become more attractive to cyber attackers, which has led us to face all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities in the form of malware, virus, adware, ransomware, or phishing, among others.

Apple is aware of this new situation, for which it has chosen to apply new measures to its equipment, such as the inclusion of the Secure Enclave coprocessor of the Apple T2 chip present in the new iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models.

This same chip is the basis of Touch ID, allowing secure startup and advanced encrypted storage capabilities. But these developments are given by the most modern Mac computers. What happens with the previous ones?

And in general, the user pays little or no attention to the security settings that an operating system like macOS offers us by default. Next, we offer you a whole series of tips and tools that you should review on your Mac.

We recommend that you upgrade to the version of your macOS whenever Apple issues security updates, such as last January 22 that solved a vulnerability found in the operating system.

In the event that your computer does not support updating macOS, it is interesting to use applications such as Hider 2, a complete tool developed by MacPaw that allows you to hide or encrypt data on your Mac computer.

The developer also has Encrypto valid for Mac and Windows platforms, with which it is possible to add AES-256 type encryption to a file that you will share with other users in order to share it securely on the network.

Check here all the news that macOS Catalina brings, the latest version of the Apple operating system for Mac.

Apple usually reacts quickly to the appearance of any type of threat, and sometimes, it may be necessary to carry out some type of change. With the malware Mac CookieMiner, Apple recommends deleting the Chrome browser cache after logging into your bank account.

Then, you will find a whole series of tips that will make your Mac more secure than before, in order to protect your data, your privacy and your computer and its connections.

Security and privacy settings

Let's start with the most basic Mac settings that you should check to ensure that security is transparent. To familiarize yourself with the controls, access the Security and Privacy panel of your Mac located in System Preferences.