Ring fired employees for watching customer videos

Ring fired employees for watching customer videos

The end of 2019 was not one of the best for Ring, Amazon's home security camera company. Alleged sabotages of their devices were public domain in the United States, where even a criminal got to harass an eight-year-old girl.

The new year did not start better, after a letter dated January 6, 2020 leaked to the Motherboard site where the company acknowledges having laid off employees for watching videos of its customers.

“We are aware of the incidents in which employees violated our policies. In the past four years, Ring has received four complaints or queries about a team member's access to Ring's video data, ”he said.

The text, through which the Amazon affiliate answered security questions that a group of US senators raised in November 2019, added that people were authorized to watch the videos, but were disconnected from going beyond their powers.

"In each case, once Ring learned of the alleged conduct, he investigated the incident immediately and, after determining that the person violated the company's policy, dismissed it," he added the letter sent to lawmakers Ron Wyden, Chris Van Hollen, Edward J. Markey, Christopher A. Coons and Gary C. Peters.

According to the letter, the company has taken steps to limit such access to data to a smaller number of people, the product of which today only three employees can access the stored videos of customers.

After the last security breaches, the firm implemented a series of new security features, such as requiring new registrations to use two-step authentication. Motherboard record that in December 2019 he found multiple security problems with the Ring platform, such as allowing logins from unknown IP addresses.

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