Pokémon GO offers pokéballs packs, incense, incubators ...

Pokmon GO offers packs of pokballs, incense, incubators …

Pokémon GO Launches sales for the Christmas holidays and it will be cheaper to buy packs of Pokéballs, incense or incubators from the game itself.

Together with the two events we announced three days ago in Niantic, they have decided to continue encouraging the use of the game during the winter period for which they have launched Pokémon GO offers.

These offers focus on the packs that we can buy in the store integrated in the game, either with currencies that we have or with others that we can buy using real money.

Three packs of different prices

If we enter the store, within the game menu, we will see that there are three new icons, which include the three offers. Depending on what we need we can buy one or the other, or if we want several of each unit.

  • Special Box: 10 Super ball and 2 Incubators.
  • Supergenial Box: 20 Super ball, 2 Incenses and 4 Incubators.
  • Ultra Box: 20 Ultra ball, 25 Incenses and 6 Incubators.

The price of them varies, as is logical, costing the Special Box 3 euros (250 coins) :, the Supergenial Box 6 euros (550 coins): and the Ultra Box 12 euros (1,500 coins):.

Pokémon GO offers pokéballs packs, incense, incubators ...

These boxes can be purchased until January 3, so if we are better interested in making room in our coach's backpack, since we will need enough holes to store all the objects.

This is the same end date of the current Christmas event that allows us to achieve an incubator a day when we enter a Poképarada and that makes it easier to obtain a Pokémon baby in an egg in these milestones.

Perhaps from January 3, when the second event of these parties begins we have more offers of this type since these have taken something by surprise.