Race the Sun

Pilot your solar ship to the sun in the stunning Race the Sun

Race the Sun is an addictive and special ship game in which we drive a ship propelled by solar energy and that gives us a great experience full of speed and vertiginous moments.

What we like most is the great sense of speed that it generates at all times and how we have to take good care of the control over the ship in order to obtain points and thus access more ships, improvements and more.

Speed ​​of vertigo in Race the Sun

Race the sun

Race the Sun is a game that demands resources from your mobile, but in return it gives you an almost unique experience so that you feel the speed on the screen of your mobile. The freedom it gives with ample spaces and without limits in lateral displacement, it will almost make us feel that we are facing those races of some of the Star Wars movies.

Race the sun

These spaces will be full of all kinds of elements that resemble buildings and facilities and that will give us the feeling of stand before a futuristic city. Attention also to the ramps that will take us to those jumps that allow us to reach other areas.

The control of our ship powered by solar energy It is quite simple and in a small tutorial we will have some tricks. We have in the central part the displacements to the left or right, but always being very short, and the long ones if we already handle the ship from the sides of the screen.

Control your ship and do fast pirouettes in Race the Sun

Race the sun

Race the Sun takes us like this before a fairly intuitive control and that will allow us to move through those buildings with geometric shapes. We must use the controls from the center of the screen or the sides to move quickly through those extensions that will be generated as we play.

From the store we have access to more ships and trails which are the color trail that we will leave. A series of customizations that increase the time of life and game and that forces us to work a bit the games so that we can get more points.

We are facing a freemium game, so get used to that advertising, although we will almost not use it if we do not want to use the enhancers that will award us more points. It happens in other freemium games and it is true that here we almost have the moral obligation to launch some publicity knowing that this way we can reward the creator of this intense arcade.

With memories to the legendary Nintendo Starfox

Race the sun

The ones that you had lucky to try on your day Starfox, surely that will remind you in a lot of everything geometric of the spaces and buildings that are generated as we explore the different levels. The flight of our ship and how it is capable of making fast turns is one of the skills that we must know how to handle.

A visually very attractive game, but we stay better with all the speed that originates on the screen giving a great game feeling. A Nintendo's very much Starfox experience and that is a breakthrough for this type of games or simulators. Of course, go preparing a good mobile, as it requires resources to move; in fact there are some users who complain about performance from their terminals, so you are advised.

Race the Sun is a new game for Android that is collecting good reviews in the Google Play Store, although there are other users complaining about the lack of performance. If you have a good mobile do not delay the appointment to test the high speed that is generated with a lot of geometric shapes that we will have to pilot our ship so that it does not crash against them. A special game without any doubt and that we recommend from these lines as it happens with others. We leave you with the great Cosmic Wars and in which to create your own ship.