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If you have a tablet, you no longer need a laptop


If you have a tablet, you no longer need a laptop

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August 31, 2015

iPad Pro

The tablets have been around for years, but they have needed time to spread Among the users. New brands and models have been added in recent years to a catalog before led by the iPad, and now much richer in quantity and variety. It was the laptop that, when leaving home, we used when we couldn't use a powerful desktop computer. Is it still necessary? No perfectly You can replace your laptop with a tablet.

Internet mobility is a key factor

Play a fundamental role Mobility in the development of technology in recent years, and proof of them are the new habits of consumption in telecommunications, it means, "how, how much and where" we consume the Internet. The improvement of mobile networks It is an important point to review in this regard, especially when it is easier to connect a tablet to the Internet than a laptop. This is where we must remember that the tablets have a slot for 4G SIM as an alternative to variants WiFi only.

z3 tablet compact lte

Power is no longer a differential factor.

Let's not fool ourselves, before the statements that pointed out that "A laptop is more powerful than a tablet." Currently, none of that. Mainly because in the high ranges the tablets have 64-bit chips and 16-nanometer architectures, hardware with a clock speed that nothing envies the “Low consumption” mounted on ultrabooks, the step most adapted to mobility requirements. Because, although in these “Ultralight laptops” we talk about Intel i5 or i7 chips, that nobody cheats us … they come covered to save energy.

Surface Pro 3 keyboard

Autonomy: mini point for tablets

The level of autonomy of a ultrabook like the MacBook Air, which from personal experience would say that can reach 14 hours, eye, because you can also give us a tablet. What cousin? That is what we have to ask ourselves. If we want power, brightness and squeeze the juice of the device, we will lose autonomy, and if not we can cover a work day both with a tablet and with a laptop. However, How many laptops -no ultrabook- reach more than 4 hours of battery? Little, pulling very little. And again, if we go to a ultrabook, we will talk about excellent levels of autonomy, but we will necessarily lose power.

battery tablets

«It is that in a tablet you cannot …»

No, that the tablet format It is not limited in software. Of course, what we should keep in mind is what software are we going to need. Do you need desktop programs like Photoshop, AutoCAD …? So, do not hesitate, you need a Windows tablet. However, for everything else … No, Mastercard no: Android and iOS are very valid. In fact, when we can't sit in front of the PC As we do with a desktop computer, we will definitely appreciate the mobility adapted software that Android and iOS offer us. And yes, we have applications for everything, both for design, as professional edition, office … And if not, what was said, go to windows.

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Taking the device as an "investment" … which is better?

We must not forget that we will make a disbursement which, in some cases, can be quite powerful. If we are going to consume multimedia and Internet, with 50 euros it can be more than enough, but if our professional requirements are wide, for example, maybe we are talking about 500 euros minimum. Then then, with a view to the future … what interests me most? Looking at a ultrabook Next generation as the Apple Macbook, let's point something out: 1x USB-C. And looking at a powerful next-generation tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, let's note the comparable data: 1x USB-OTG In none we can expand hardware, such as RAM, nor do we have microSD slot, the MacBook starts at 1,500 euros, the Tab S2 of 600 euros. The economic difference is not reasonable if we focus only in the possibilities of extension.

coins "width =" 656 "height =" 318 "srcset =" 656w, 2015/08 / Currencies-300x146.jpg 300w, 634w, coins.jpg 690w "sizes =" (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px "/></p><h2>This is the error: how we compare «tablet vs laptop»</h2><p>Not few believe that <b>a laptop cannot be replaced by a tablet</b>, even after several years with this device format in the market. And it's not true, it's nothing true. Of course we can replace a laptop with a tablet, but in the error we fall is <b>poorly compare devices</b>. The previous example, for example, is not valid. The Samsung device incorporates a <b>mobile operating system</b> and we are comparing it with a <i>ultrabook</i> With desktop operating system, then the possibilities are different. Probably the tablets that can best be compared with <i>laptops and ultrabooks</i> are the ones that incorporate <b>Full windows</b>, and it is clear that we cannot try to replace a 1500 euros laptop with a 200 euros tablet. Of course not, though <b>usually a tablet is cheaper than a laptop</b>. And if you are one of the <i>hooked </i>to the physical QWERTY keyboard, <b>the accessories catalog is wide</b> for tablets</p><p>Credits to <strong>Carlos Gonzalez</strong>.</p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.9 --><div class=