How to win in the game Trained with these tricks

How to win in the game Trained with these tricks

But not everyone, despite having put interest, has managed to dominate the game as much as he would like, and that is something that has created frustration and desire to uninstall it. It is true that Crawled use several algorithms to score exponentially that, if you use them in your favor, you can have almost guaranteed victory. What are they? See you next.

Start earning now

All of us who have ever played this game, we know that the basic thing to opt for victory is to try to form combinations of two or three words, to cancel the opponent's play that can leave us out of the game or take advantage of the wild cards in the best moment.

But there are other resources not so visible that many do not know, and that is a differential factor. To see it in a more didactic way, we have included these examples with starting situations to make it clearer. In the first example, we see next to the word LUTO a DP box (double word) and if we look for the pattern AxxxS, we can form a word such as WATERS or AMAOS.

On the next screen, we have QSCAB * U as letters to play in our turn, and if we look closely, we can make a great combination such as BAQUICAS and so, we will use the 7 letters of the board, which will give us a score of 40 extra points.

They are not the only tricks

As we have said before, we must also pay attention to what our opponent does, so we must take into account two things: the first, whenever we can prevent vowels like the A or the E next to a Triple Word, it can cause us an authentic bleed. And the second, we must sacrifice with less points some of our runs so that the rival don't form that combination Let us lose the game.

On the other hand, the combination of letters is very important, and that is if we include in our words diphthongs or triphthongs such as diary or logris, or words with slabas locked such as stone and teacher. It is always recommended, in cases where we have double vowels, of combine them as soon as possible since there are fewer words that can be formed with them.

A matter of real weight in the game is to remove from our board the letters that less punctuation give us, among them the Q. Instead, the ones that ms puntan they are the J, X, and Z, as we show in the previous image.

An extra help never hurts

For those moments when the mind does not help us or we are blocked, we can use some means to make our lives easier. exist several search engines, already known by many users, that when entering the letters of our board, we automatically show a list of words, from the simplest to the most complex.