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How to recover deleted games on Steam

In recent times we have seen how Valve eliminated or removed certain games titles from its Steam platform for different reasons, either because they were considered in bad taste, or because they were trophy games that have no other purpose than the mere fact to strengthen your collection.

Obviously, Valve does not intend to draw attention to the games that it removes from its platform, which is why you will not find an official record of the games that have been recently deleted on Steam.

But what if you want to know what games were eliminated from Steam or do you want to find one that you usually played? We tell you that there is a website created by the fans of the platform where you will find countless answers.

What games have been removed from Steam?

While there is no official list of Valve that lists the deleted Steam games, a website created by fantastic catalogs exactly that, and although we do not know the periodicity with which the database is updated, it seems to be quite accurate.

Can address to the Timekillerz website and find a list not only of games that have been removed from Steam, but also of games for the disabled, hidden games and much more. You can even search by game name or Steam application ID.

Can I check what games I have eliminated?

There are over a thousand deleted games listed in Timekillerz website created by fans, so it is difficult to know at a glance what the owner is. Fortunately, there is another tool, created by the same team that allows you to search your Steam ID and find out which games or purchases are disabled.

To find out, enter your SteamID or CustomID in the web (the custom part of your Steam profile URL), within the Deleted Games / Software Checker section and click Verify. After a few seconds, a button punch should appear.

If you see 'Games' under the title Property, it is because there are games linked to your account that were removed from Steam. To find out what, click on the Games button and then access the Show / Hide list of your deleted Games to view the list.

If when you enter your SteamID there are no buttons under the Property title, then it means that you have no Steam games removed. See also the best video game offers on Steam that you will find on these dates.

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