How to record the screen on Mac

How to record the screen on Mac

Have you ever needed to record something of what happens on your Mac's screen? It may have been for wanting to save a part of a video and share it with your friends and friends, or for wanting to teach someone how to do something specifically with the Mac, record a FaceTime call or keep some strange behavior of the PC and share it with technical support

Whatever the reason, you should know that it is possible to record the screen of your Mac, in addition, in a very simple way. In this article we will explain how to carry out this process.

Record the screen in macOS Mojave

Before we begin, we would like to mention that recording your Mac's screen will be even easier when the new version of macOS Mojave arrives this next autumn. You can find out more about that new version by clicking on this link.

Instead of using QuickTime (this is the method we explain below), you can use a specific tool that appears on the toolbar.

  1. Open the screenshot tool by pressing the Cmd + Shift + 5 keys.
  2. Click the Record entire screen or Record selected part button.
  3. If you choose the first option, the recording of everything that happens on your screen will start immediately, if you choose the second one, the recording will start once you have selected the part of the screen you want to record.
  4. You can choose to schedule a specific recording time (5 or 10 seconds) before starting the recording. To do this you will have to open the options section.
  5. Click on the stop button to stop recording.
  6. The recording will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Control + click or right-click on the recording icon to open the MarkUp tools and be able to edit your video in case you need it.

This is the process that you will have to follow to record the screen of your Mac when the macOS Mojave version arrives (probably in October 2018).

Now, while you wait, if you need to record the screen of your Mac you will have to follow some of the methods that we propose below.

How to record your Mac screen with QuickTime

As you probably know, the QuickTime tool is factory installed with your Mac computer. To record your Mac's screen with it, follow these steps:

  1. Open QuickTime Player. To locate the app press Cmd + space and type the name of the application in the search bar.
  2. Select the new screen recording option. The easiest way is to right-click on the QuickTime Player icon in the Dock and choose this option from the options that will appear.

  3. A small window with buttons for recording appears.
  4. Click on the arrow next to the red circular icon to see more options, such as choosing if you want to use the monitor's microphone or an external one for audio recording.

  5. For example, you might want to use your iPhone's headphones to record yourself speaking. In that case, connect your iPhone's headphones to the Mac and choose the external microphone option.
  6. There is also an option to choose if you want your mouse clicks to appear during the screen recording process or not.
  7. When you have chosen all the options and are ready to start recording, you can choose to record part of the screen or the entire screen. Click on the red circular record button, and once the area of ​​the screen you wish to record is selected, click on start recording.
  8. When you want to end the recording, right-click on the QuickTime icon and choose the option to end the recording.

Record your Mac screen with ScreenFlow

Create video tutorials for YouTube by recording what happens on your Mac's screen next to the recording of your voice explaining what you are doing.

These videos can then be shared with friends and followers since the same tool allows you to edit the recording.

You can download this application on App Store by clicking on this link.

Record your Mac screen with Camtasia

Camtasia for Mac is a very complete option that also has numerous video editing tools that allow you to record the screen of your Mac.

In addition to capturing everything that happens on your screen, you can record yourself using the Mac's camera.

If you use this program, you will not have to resort to third parties to carry out your video project from beginning to end.