Cómo grabar llamadas en EMUI 10 con tu móvil Huawei

How to record calls on EMUI 10 with your Huawei mobile

How to record calls on EMUI 10 with your Huawei mobile

To be able to record calls on a Huawei mobile, we will need an applicationn. Est can be downloaded from the App Gallery. In the application store of the Chinese company there are several alternatives, but the one that I mention here is one of the best works and the most compatible with EMUI 10. It is called ACR. You can download it here for free.

Once downloaded and installed, We will need to grant the necessary permissions, such as the ability to view calls, save files in the phone’s internal storage, access the microphone and other. We must also allow special access to notifications, since the application keeps a permanent notice in the notification panel when the app is in use or not. Once confirmed, ask us what kind of advertising we want to show us (personalized or generic). Or, if we want to opt for the Pro version, which is paid but eliminates advertising. Personally, with the free option we have more than enough.

The application interface is very intuitive. It is divided into several categories. On the one hand, the tab where all calls appear. There are also other incoming, outgoing or marked calls as important. In addition, ACR allows us to filter by date, contact or file size. ACR also has a side menu, where we can enable or disable recordingn. That is, we can always have this option enabled, and all calls we make or receive, will be recorded and saved in the app. In the case of disabling it, calls will not be recorded. Fortunately, there is a permanent notification in the top bar of our mobile that allows us to activate or deactivate the recording quickly.

How to record and listen to calls

How are calls recorded? We will simply have to have the recording option activated, and wait for a call to arrive. Or, make one our contacts or phone number. During the call, a notification appears telling us that the app is recording the audio, and gives us the option to stop recording. Once the call is finished, the audio will be saved in the app.

By clicking on the contact we can play the audio, share it, call again or add a note. This last option is very useful if we have several calls from the same contact and we want to distinguish them. For example, we can put: call about business, and know that in that call we talked about business. In addition, we can trim the audio, add the call to the calendar or apply it as an excluded number. This option lists the number to prevent the application from recording audio when a call is made. Of course, we can also delete the file.

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