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How to move from Community Managers to Digital Strategies

The role of social networks in the marketing strategy of companies is really crucial. Initially, they are the best channel today for distribute interesting content For the public. It also enables companies to interact with their consumers in a more open, direct and authentic. They can even help reinforce the offline efforts of virtually any business. In this sense, the community managers They are crucial.

Little by little, the role of community managers It has gone from being a useful figure to a truly indispensable role for companies. Initially, it was considered that these experts should only keep an eye on social networks, schedule publications and do customer service. However, today they already have activities that are more suitable for their title. But other sophistication of its functions and abilities may be necessary.

Community managers vs digital strategists

The first thing, however, is to define exactly the figure, skills and responsibilities of the community managers. These are responsible, in very general terms, for administering to the community of brands, as the name implies. This is usually done through social networks, so their functions are usually coupled with those of social media manager. However, its impact can be limited to experts who create, develop and care for groups.

There is an evolution to this role that is being proposed in more and more circles. Community managers may, in addition to adopting the role of social media manager, become real digital strategists. As the name implies, these specialists are not only responsible for reacting to what happens in the environment. on-line. They detect opportunities, see trends, take advantage of opportunities and always seek to take a step towards the rest of the market.

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