How many phones Sony has sold this 2019

How many phones Sony has sold this 2019

Sony Xperia 5 rear

Sony is undoubtedly one of the most important technology companies in the world, dominating sectors such as video games with its PlayStation consoles or televisions. However, the Japanese company cannot say the same as far as smartphones are concerned and that is the department dedicated to this type of products he has not raised his head for a few years.

Despite this we talk about Sony. There are brands that have been with us for years and years, and although the firm's numbers are no longer the same as lost back, you can never give up for dead. Indeed, Sony is not luckily Blackberry.

Sony lifts its head. Be enough?

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Sony's mobile division has been trying to bury for quite some time and surprisingly, it is still a lot of war. Sincerely, Sony's phones are not bad at all, the last device we have analyzed, the Xperia 5, gives good faith in that. Despite this last, Company sales do not accompany And it seems that consumers prefer to buy phones from other firms to the detriment of Sony.

But beware, because Sony has just published its latest sales figures for the year 2019, confirming a notable improvement. They are not the stratospheric numbers of other firms but when things are not going well for you, any improvement tastes like glory.

According to Xperia blog, Sony has slowed its trend of negative sales, selling a total of 1.3 million units during the last quarter of 2019. The best of the year. Sony therefore expects to end the fiscal year (March 2020) with a sales forecast of around 3.5 million units.

We hope that Sony can maintain this rising sales figure during 2020. It has always been one of the most iconic Android smartphone companies and we believe that the more competition there is in the market, the better for all users. That is why we must be very attentive to the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the Japanese company present their new devices.