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Grandparents and Grandchildren United for Apps

With Pupitre for iPad, grandparents will learn to use new technologies

Children today can say they are born with ?a tablet or smartphone under the arm"Instead of with bread. It is the so-called digital generation. A generation that, when it grows, will already have all the current technology fully integrated into their lives.

But what about the previous generations? The grandparents of the digital generation could not enjoy this technology when they were young and, to many of them, now this surpasses them. Therefore, the publisher Santillana has launched a pilot project to encourage intergenerational exchange between grandparents and grandchildren.

The application Desk for iPad has been in the App Store since December 2012. It is an application that allows reinforce the essential knowledge of children between 3 and 11 years, helping them develop their intellectual skills step by step in an entertaining way. Now this app has been adapted to be used in the project that we mentioned.

Santillana launches a project so that grandparents and grandchildren are ?more connected?

The Santillana project will be carried out on October 25 at the Sanitas Residencial residence from Arturo Soria street in Madrid. The residents will participate that day in a workshop in which they will be explained how to use the tablets through the Desk application.

The idea of ??this project is to try bring technology to the older ones to facilitate the relationship with the younger ones of the house To this end, the Rossellimac company has supplied several iPad to the center with the installed Desk application.

During the morning of the 25th, the elders will receive an explanatory workshop given by the therapist of the center, a workshop in which the attendees will practice with the different activities of the School Desk. In the afternoon, residents will get together with their families, especially with the little ones, to share knowledge, have fun together and enjoy that family time.

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<p><strong>Desk</strong>, according to its creators, it has therapeutic and pedagogical values: exchange of values, tolerance, reciprocity in affection and increased self-esteem in grandparents and grandchildren.</p>
<p>This interesting project, on the one hand, helps to achieve an increase in self-esteem, personal courage and motivation of the elderly and, on the other hand, prevents isolation and fosters family ties between residents and their children and grandchildren</p>
<p>A beautiful project that, from iPadizate, we hope will come out beautifully and be repeated in more centers in Spain or other countries. Everything that is to integrate the elderly in the day is very well received, since many times they have a little forgotten.</p>