Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung shows it in an advertisement at the Oscars

Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung shows it in an advertisement at the Oscars

Totally unexpected move that Samsung has made during the Oscar Awards celebration. The company has launched an announcement in the middle of the transmission of the event showing a terminal that has not yet been presented, which is its next folding smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung advertises the Galaxy Z Flip during the Oscars

The Galaxy Z Flip is now official, although without confirming its name

The barely 30 seconds ad It gives neither specifications, price nor name, serving only to get us to follow the event of tomorrow, February 11. However it serves to confirm all the images filtered so far, in addition to several of its specifications.

During this announcement we can see the folding smartphone in two colors, black and purple, it also shows the notifications screen that also shows that we serve to pick up or hang up a call No need to open the terminal. A fact that we do not know, but that was to be imagined, is that when we have the terminal deployed at a 90 degree angle, both sides can behave separately. For example, showing the controls of a video call at the bottom and the video call itself at the top.

As we say they do not give data, but if so far the leaks have been successful, we can assume that we have a 6.7-inch screen and a 855 snapdragon processor. Maana will unveil the mystery and we will tell you everything that is announced about this new device and the Galaxy S20.

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