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Facebook abandons its plans to introduce ads on WhatsApp

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Good news for everyone! Facebook has stopped planning the introduction of ads on WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app in the world. This is indicated in a recent report of The Wall Street Journal, which is supported by the declaration of sources close to the company, giving us an air of relief.

Remember that WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels had announced in 2018 such an implementation in the stories of the app, anticipating that they would contain ads, as well as the stories of Facebook and Instagram. This will no longer be so … for now.

When the executive reported the monetization of the application, there were many reactions against it. And how not, if nobody likes to see annoying ads that disrupt the normal use of an app, and less when it did not have them ?! This made clear the few or no revenues that WhatsApp generated for the parent company. However, it was against the main essence of the app that idea of ​​charging its users the use. In particular, the founders of WhatsApp (like Brian Acton) were strictly against this monetization method and even resigned from the company as part of their discontent, although there were other personal reasons that led to it.

According to other data indicated in the report, the work that the team had done so far, which dealt with the internal tests of the display of advertisements, It was also removed from WhatsApp encodings.

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Yes, the cancellation of the WhatsApp monetization plans is given as momentary, because there is not yet an official statement that offers it as permanent. Facebook would continue to think about it for the future. Even so, it is good to know that we will continue to have WhatsApp for a longer time without having to see invasive ads that bother us.