pokemon GO 2019

Everything that has come to Pokmon GO during this 2019

pokemon GO 2019

The year 2019 is coming to an end and Pokmon GO wanted to make a summary with all the news that have bequeathed this year to the popular game. Without doubt one of the successes that keep Pokmon GO up are all the improvements that come every month to the game.

Main novelties that have reached Pokmon Go in 2019

Throughout the year we have had countless events and news in Pokmon GO, his team has made an incredible summary of the year and we will highlight the main developments that came to the game this year.

  • Pokmon discovered in the Sinnoh region. The Coaches were able to catch Pokmon that first emerged in the Sinnoh region thanks to the stone that bears his name.
  • The new Team Medallions allowed Coaches to change teams. Thanks to this novelty the coaches were able to change teams for the first time.
  • GO snapshot. This function allowed us to take pictures of our Pokmon in a totally new way.

pokemon photos

  • Friendship with luck and avatar poses. Making friends in Pokmon GO was much more fun with the advent of lucky friendships.
  • New Bait Modules and ms Pokmon from Sinnoh: Glacier, Mossy and Magical Bait Modules came out. Thanks to them the Coaches were able to catch Pokmon of certain types, and even to evolve them.
  • Harness the power of Mewtwo Battleship. The incredible armored form of Mewtwo reached the five star incursions.
  • Team GO Rocket invaded Pokmon GO. One of the great novelties of this year, the Team GO Rocket arrived to change everything completely.
  • The world expanded with the arrival of the Pokémon discovered in the region of Teselia. New Pokmon arrived this year and the coaches discovered that their Pokdex expanded by meeting Pokmon as Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott for the first time on Pokmon GO
  • Team GO leaders Rocket and Giovanni land on Pokmon GO. The threat of Team GO Rocket got even bigger and the coaches kept track of Team GO leaders Rocket Cliff, Sierra and Arlo. We also got the Rocket superradar to find and fight against Giovanni, the head of Team GO Rocket.

Pokemon GO rocket

As we see there have been many improvements and novelties of Pokmon GO and that's why it doesn't surprise us that he still has millions of players around the world. Surely in 2020 we expect many more surprises, and do not forget the events of this Christmas.

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