blackberry stops making cell phones

BlackBerry dies a second time, there will be no more phones!

blackberry stops making cell phones

Bad news for BlackBerry users, for the second time it seems that this Canadian brand disappears from the world of smart phones. As many will remember, BlackBerry lived golden years in which it became one of the leading smartphone manufacturers. But, with the arrival of the iPhone and other Android phones with touch screens, things changed. In a short time, BlackBerry went from being on top to falling almost bankrupt.

Nothing that most do not know, but what surely many did not know is that, to avoid extinction, In 2016, the company granted the manufacturing and production rights of its mobile division to TCL Communications, a Chinese mobile technology company that has been in charge of BlackBerry phones that have arrived in the last four years. Unfortunately, this relationship already has an expiration date.

BlackBerry and TCL break relationships

Through the social network Twitter, BlackBerry has announced that TCL stop producing their phones in the second half of the year. This, because the company no longer renew the rights to design and manufacture the next BlackBerry phones.

TCL is a brand that we should not lose sight of, since for many years he has worked under ropes, manufacturing mobiles under other more popular brands, such as BlackBerry, but everything indicates that this year seeks to be known and this may explain why he has decided to leave BlackBerry aside. This … and maybe also because despite the efforts of the brand and so far they have managed to develop different phones from the competition, it has not been enough to trigger sales.

Should you worry if you have a BlackBerry mobile?

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Not really, even though TCL stop manufacturing new BlackBerry phones, s continue to support current mobiles. Until when? We do not know, neither party has given details so far, but we hope they last at least a year or two.

On the other hand, BlackBerry's future as a brand and as a company is quite uncertain. This is already his second attempt to stay afloat in a very competitive market, perhaps the third time is the charm and that is why we can expect him to return with a new idea in a couple of years. In addition, this does not sound very far-fetched if we take into account that TCL was its main partner to manufacture mobiles but not the only one, so the war is not completely lost.

What do you think of this news? If you ever had a BlackBerry mobile or, better yet, if you had the opportunity to try one of the most recent mobile, tell us what you think. Does the physical keyboard still have space between a world of touch screens? we want to know your opinion.

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