Best Apps for iPad, Air and iPad Mini 2013

Best Apps for iPad, Air and iPad Mini 2013

Make the most of your tablet's possibilities with these apps

Surely you have often asked people what applications they use the most or which ones they recommend. To avoid this, we will make this collection with the best apps for iPad (all models) of 2013 that we can find in the App Store. You will find it especially interesting if you are going to buy the new iPad Air or Mini Retina, but it will also be useful if you have been with your table for years and want to discover new and useful applications. Do you want to meet them?

Some of the following applications are free, others paid, but all are contrasted with very positive valuations of countless users. We already know that there are currently 475,000 apps for the Apple tablet, but not all of them are worth it. These are what we believe are the best apps for iPad that we could use in 2013. Of course there may be others that you like more, but this is our selection.

Collection of the best iPad apps of 2013. You should have them!


It is the perfect application to take notes, notes, take photos or record sounds and then synchronize them with any other device. If you are a student, like me, you can take your notes here and have them on your computer, iPad or tablet at the time. It is updated to iOS 7 design and is available for all free devices! It is also possible to expand its possibilities through premium (paid) functions.

Flipboard: t social news magazine

Flipboard is the perfect application to be informed of everything that happens in the world in the simplest way. Create your magazines, choose what media to follow and share everything you find interesting in a very simple way. It is totally free, and if you create an account you can have the same content on all your mobile devices, be it iOS or Android.

TweetBot (iPad edition)

It has just been updated to the iOS 7 style on iPhone, and will do the same on iPad soon, but even TweetBot is the best way to check Twitter. It is clear that the social network has its own free application, however, TweetBot allows you to mutate accounts, save up to read as many times as you want, silence them and much more. Without a doubt, the best you can buy in the App Store and if you like Twitter, get hooked.

Comic Zeal Comic Reader

There are many applications to read comics, some do not recognize some formats, others do not work well, etc. For the 4.49 that is worth, we will have the best comic reader for iOS with the possibility of putting from iTunes any file in any format either .cbr, .pdf or any other. In addition to this, the application has a design adapted to iOS 7 that makes it even more beautiful than before.

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later)

Pocket is, for me, the perfect complement to Twitter and Flipboard. Many times I read the timeline and see interesting articles or pages but I don't have time to read them at the moment. You can save the links in this application that will synchronize with all your devices and you can read it without distractions or announcements at any time. It works more or less like the "reading list" of Safari, but improved. It is adapted to the design of iOS 7 and is free.


Who hasn't heard of Dropbox? It is a space to save files, photos and whatever you want in the cloud and be able to access them from anywhere. Opening an account and downloading the application is free. In this way we will have 2GB free for life, but there are many ways to get extra space without paying for it and in case you need even more we can always pay for it.


In my opinion, the best streaming music service. The application is free but to use it we must be “upremium suarios“, Which costs about 10 a month. With this payment we can access a large music library and dispose of it from our device comfortably and easily. In addition, we can create playlists and download them to listen to them without the need for connection with excellent quality.


If you are going to buy a new device, this app will be free, but if not, it is also recommended. It is the best way to keep our photos organized, edit them quickly and even make books, calendars or anything else to give away. It has just been updated to iOS 7 and it is essential if you love the photos but do not have them scattered on the reel.


The desktop version is so famous that we were looking forward to landing on iOS. It is a multi-format multimedia player. With it we can put videos and movies to the iPad without having to convert them to .mp4 for iTunes to recognize them. We can also use the streaming function to watch videos remotely. If you like movies or series, this is your application.


It came as a revolution in email management and the expectation was so high that the queue to enter the application lasted about 3 weeks. A few months ago it was acquired by Dropbox and if you link it you gain 1GB of capacity in the latter. Through touch gestures we can manage the email that comes to us in a very easy way. It has support for the main email accounts and is therefore one of the best.


Where do we eat today? Yelp is the largest database of restaurants and leisure sites that we can access. We can perform searches by customer valuation, by close, by style, etc. It is free and highly recommended if you usually eat out and like to experiment.

The Photo Cookbook Quick & Easy

We continue with the food, if you are more homemade and you like to cook, this application is one of the most complete and simple recipes that you can use. With many photos, different food fields and the possibility of acquiring more is an app that is well worth what it costs.

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