AT&T ya anuncia el Google Nexus 6

AT&T already announces Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

Yes, yesterday Evleaks returns from retirement To offer us the first almost official image of Google Nexus 6, the news continues to rush about it and we already have the first website that offers it in its catalog.

We are waiting for you very likelyToday we have knowledge of Google Nexus 6, a terminal that will be presented in the next few hours and now thanks to the friends of Android Police, we see how the catalog they call Motorola Nexus 6 or Google Nexus 6 appears in the AT & Tya page as I like to call it.

Nexus 6 AT&T

It appears with a price of 49 dollarssubject to a two-year contract, a very low price if we compare it with the iPhone 6 that costs 199 dollars or the Motorola Moto X2 that goes to 119 dollars, whichmay indicate that this Google Nexus 6 may not have a very high price following in the wake of the previous Nexus.

There is no more information butAll data seems to indicate that the presentation is imminentjust as Forbes announced yesterday.

Do not lose detail in ProAndroid because today may be the day to know this Google Nexus 6, which will be accompanied by Android L and as much as possible Google Nexus 9 and here we will tell you everything, everything, everything.