Jóvenes prefieren el móvil antes que comer

All this money has entered Tinder in 2019

Young people prefer mobile rather than eating

First quarter of 2019. Neither applications like Netflix nor Spotify, Tinder was the app that generated the most money last 2019. Millions of singles – and not singles – use this application in their day to day and that causes large amounts of money.

Now we are in February 2020 and Match Group, those in charge of the most popular flirting app have just published their latest earnings report in 2019 and honestly, we would never have imagined that the business of love could generate so many benefits.

Singles are making gold Tinder

Tinder for Android

As we can read in The Verge, Match Group revealed in its report that thanks to Tider has entered 1,200 million dollars, positioning itself not only as the most important dating app, but also as one of the most valuable tools of both iOS and Android.

As a whole, Match earned 2.1 billion dollars in profits which means that Tinder has accounted for half of all of them. Not surprisingly, the dating app has reached almost six million subscribers in the last quarter of last year, subscribers who pay for the various types of subscription that Tinder offers. The most curious of all this, is that the number of subscribers does not stop growing confirming that the new generation of young and not so young no longer links in the conventional way, but using the new technologies.

As many of you will know, Tinder offers the possibility of using your app completely free of charge, although in a limited way. In this way every day we can only do X landslides until we find our better half. Once we reach this limit we will have to wait until another day. This is solved by paying, since in this way we can have unlimited landslides. Priority issue, the trains pass and love shouldn't wait.

And you? Do you use Tinder?